Nick Cleaton

I enjoy hard programming problems.

I currently live in South Africa. I (tele)work for Netcraft. My wife sells hot fix crystals.

I'm interested in web application security, and particularly the problem of filtering malicious constructs out of untrusted HTML, which is hard.

I'm also interested in UNIX security, and I've helped to squish a couple of security bugs in FreeBSD (specifically FreeBSD-SA-01:40.fts.v1.1 and FreeBSD-SA-01:48.tcpdump).

I have a few Perl modules on CPAN:

I once thought up a connection cookies mechanism for ssh. I have a README and patches against OpenSSH 3.7p1 and OpenSSH 3.8p1.

Another old harebrained scheme: extending the cdb database format to support frequent small changes to large databases.

How to make dice more random

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