Sorting numbers in RAM

This is programming problem is a variation on a google interview question that was posted to slashdot.

You have a computer with 1M of RAM and no other local storage. You must use it to accept 1 million 8-digit decimal numbers over a TCP connection, sort them, and then send the sorted list out over another TCP connection. The list of numbers may contain duplicates, which you may not discard. Your code will be placed in ROM, so you need not subtract the size of your code from the 1M. You have been given code to drive the ethernet port and handle TCP/IP connections, and it requires 2k for its state data, including a 1k buffer via which your code will read and write data.

One of the reasons that this problem appeals to me is that it's possible only because of the difference between 1 megabyte and 1 million bytes. There are about 2 to the power 8093729.5 different ways to choose 1 million 8-digit numbers with duplicates allowed and order unimportant, so a machine with only 1 million bytes of RAM doesn't have enough states to represent all the possibilities. But 1M (less 2k for TCP/IP) is 1022*1024*8 = 8372224 bits, so a solution is possible.

My solution

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